Once in a while my eating buddy (Mike) and I treat ourselves to pig out dine out. For this week, we did italian and chinese/pinoy.

When in Sbarro eat what Italians eat. Pasta and pizza. Mike likes to eat rice all the time. So yes he ordered rice. And if they serve Binagoongang Pork, lord, he will order it too (and he has done this in a pasta house in elbi: while eating pasta I savored the smell of his binagoongang baboyum).

But I love him.

When he finished eating, I wasn’t done yet. You know how humongous their stuffed pizza servings are? I finished it. Rawr. He couldn’t believe how a little girl like me could have an appetite of a 40something burly man.

But he loves me.

Then I challenged him. Whoever can run faster wins. Of course he found it stupid and we walked slowly out of the resto, like we’re both pregnant.

We weren’t prepared when we dined in at Tong Yang, that cook/eat-all-you-can buffet.

I like eating there. The first time Mike brought me there, I was awed by the cook-it-yourself soup and viands. There were all sorts of fish and meat. But the best part was the maki. Oh boy george. I can eat a good twenty maki in one sitting.

The staff led us to our table with a stove in the middle, where the soup will be put. The waitress, as usual, asked us what soup we desire among chicken, sinigang, and something else. Being a sinigang lover that the boyfriend is, he asked for sinigang then it was time to pick our food from the buffet table.

I loaded one of my plates with three types of maki and crispy tofu and sauteed mushrooms, while mike loaded his slices of fish and cold cuts. I went back to get veggies for our sinigang, then a waitress brought us shrimps and butter cubes (to fry our fry-ables). Then we finished our first set.

For the second fully-loaded set, we got really thirsty. Part of the P399meal is bottomless juice/soda so mike got us some tasty iced tea, then mango juice and pineapple, then iced tea again. Then we finished our second set.

By this time, we were full. And fool. We went back to cook some meat and shrimp. Then we had halohalo and ice cream and watermelon.

After about two hours of loading ourselves silly, with kwentuhan and whispering in between, we billed out and realized we couldn’t stand. I mean, seriously. We pretended we’re talking about something really really private and serious so we inched our way, literally, to the door and out of the mall. Then I asked Mike to stop, so we stood for about 5 mins, walked, then paused, walked, paused until we managed to get a ride. And a good night sleep. Burp.

That’s for working our ass out. Burp.

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