This is my nephew. Marcus Wayne. More than a year ago, his mommy and I had double thoughts on how to raise him. We weren’t emotionally and financially ready that time. Now, we so love the boy in spite of everything.

He’s grown into a naughty hyper-active kid! And here are the things he can do at 1 year old:

1. Ask him, what’s your name? You’ll get “Tartus”

2. Wiwi and pupu in his potty trainer.

3. Eat on his own, using a big man’s spoon.

4. Toothbrush!

5. Fill his glass from the water dispenser.

6. Kiss people with a wet smack. Or hug with arms wide open!

[the following are not-so-happy stunts]

7. Climb the windows, sofa, shelves, cabinets, tables, and chairs!

8. Do the monkey face.

9. Beat the puppies.

10. Run towards the gate, out of the house, in 5 seconds.

There’s more and how we love it when he’s asleep.

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13 years ago

tartuuus!haha..the boy who lived b ito ate?hehe..isa c wayne s nagpapaexcite skng umuwi ng bahay..and everytym n uuwi nga aq,ndi pwdng wlang bgo skanya..lately nga ung tartus n yan..haha!haaay..cnt w8 to learn more bout you..sna wag n xa kunin ni ate micon..:)

13 years ago

“Run towards the gate, out of the house, in 5 seconds.”

My nephew can do the same! Haha. Stuntman in the making.

13 years ago

@Carson: hahaha really! stuntman din! tapos nakapaa ka rin na hahabol kasi ang bilis bilis nya!

13 years ago

@Maeng: awwww you sweet boy. hehehe itago natin si tartus sa mumie nya. bwahaha

9 years ago

hahah! Marcus the wonder boy! <3 napakaswerte talaga ni marcus sa kanyang mga tito and Tita… showering him with so much love! One day at the right time, kunin ko na sya from Laguna, hehe 🙂

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