my first economic report published in an international magazine

Slowly I am inching my way to learning about my job, that is writing reviews/ updates on exports (for an online trade publication that features highly classified information) and being one of the editors of Rice Today, an international magazine (with print-run of 5,500-6,000 distributed around the world). Both publications are dedicated to rice, the political crop that feeds half of the world.

To be honest, I am having serious difficulty shifting from Communication Arts and Comparative Literature (the fields where I came from) to Economics and rice science, but I am learning everyday–both easy and hard way.

Normally I don’t write about my job because I don’t know of anyone close to me who’d be interested in international commodity trades or rice varieties. But after a long meeting with publishers this week, I thought of posting in my blog some of the things that I write.

please click on the link below to view this article better


When I posted this link on Facebook, I didn’t expect anyone to comment or like it, but I got a couple of “Likes” and somebody commented I sound like a rice expert. Another friend, Rye, said I am such a rice nerd. LOL. If only they knew my hardships.These made my day because after all, my baby steps in learning to write publish-worthy articles are gaining momentum.

I hope to write more.

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Patricia Isabel bacay
Patricia Isabel bacay
12 years ago

Hi Ma’am Ai!

You got a dream job! Grabe, Ma’am.. you have the time of your life. I’m very proud to say that I’d been one of your Eng2 students. Nakakainspire po kayo. Take care always, Ma’am!:)

12 years ago

Hi Pat! thank you… hmmm dream job. 🙂 there are good and bad days. but i pray that all my students–like you–take a career path that will make them happy, too.

12 years ago

Hello Yen! 😀 haha i’m a very slow learner and I’ve failed my bosses’ expectations a couple of times actually. so i myself am not yet proud haha but im taking the hardships as challenge–that’s where we can get power. 🙂

stay safe!

alex jordan
alex jordan
12 years ago

Kudos, Ms. Ai!

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