It's-My-Life-It's-Now-Or-Never kind of attitude of Us

We are the Generation Y (born in the 80s and 90s), nephews and nieces of Gen X (born in the 70s), and sons and daughters of the Baby Boomers (born postWWII).

We are described as techy-savvy, family-centric, achievement-oriented, team-oriented, and attention-craving (

One look on our Facebook News Feeds and we can observe that many of Gen Y people are indeed all of the above, especially, attention-craving and achievement-oriented.

So forgive us. It’s our life, and it’s now or  never.


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brother john
12 years ago

wow! na-confuse ako kung alin ang una kong i-admire,

a) yung lush green canopy,
b) yung blue na bike,
c) yung may SLR camera sa background
d) yung shoes,
e) yung belt
f) si ai na naka-ngiti o
g) yung legs

this is cool ai, you look so blooming and happy.

12 years ago

and i laughed out so loud. ang kulit mo, brother john!!!

12 years ago

I have a feeling that my FB commentary on Gen Y a couple of weeks back has something to do with this post. hehe. Anyway, yep, Gen Y’s rejection of the Gen X and Baby Boomer’s non-conformist stance really dumbfounded me. On the good side, it effectively killed the revolution and rebellion we waged. I have no problem with that because seemingly, it no longer has functions. What made me scratch my head in disbelief is the generation offered nothing as an alternative. Then I thought what I easily dismissed as apathy and social irrelevance also has its purpose. The… Read more »

12 years ago

Hi, rene! Oh, no, not at all. I didn’t see this comment you made (now Im interested to know it). To be honest, these are the things I was telling myself months ago when I couldn’t tolerate the FB news feeds anymore, something I came to realize I mustve been guilty of, too. So many trivial things I couldnt stand so I had to remind myself, ok, first, this is facebook. There are mechanisms to block annoying persons and hide annoying posts. Two, it must be the generation we’re in. I found this post in my Drafts weeks ago, when… Read more »

12 years ago

U2 is ok. it’s the property of the whole humanity. they’re the psyche of the whole humanity manifested into a rock band. the commentary I mentioned is the one where I was making fun of Weng and Dax about their (Gen Y) contributing nothing to humanity by saying we have EHeads and Kurt Cobain, then Weng said ” we have Spongecola”. Speaking of FB and the generation letters, I believe Gen X and Y have a lot of things to say but were told to shut up by the Boomers who think they know better because they were the ones… Read more »

12 years ago

Haha I love Weng (and her Spongecola). As for the over-doing and over-sharing in fb, it’s becoming a trend in social networking sites. That’s why we have the great migrations. Once polluted, a site is abandoned gradually. All the first ones to go are people of particular brainwaves or something. Like the migration from Friendster to Multiply to Facebook and now… Google + It must be a spectacle for a generation to watch another generation die. I read an article somewhere that one of the perks of being 30ish is you get to see the unlikable adults in your life… Read more »

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