How To Politely Ask Smokers To Clear Off Your Zone


I have not used my inhaler (anti-asthma maintenance) for two weeks now. That’s since I stayed here in Asia’s Greenest City for 2011–Singapore. So maybe that’s the cure to this curse: get out of a polluted city (ehem,Quezon City) and live in a place where air pollution is kept to minimal.

Aside from car and bus icky emission that mercilessly kill lungs, cigarette smokers are one of those that I avoid in my short life. When strangers smoke within my breathing zone, my holy bubble of personal space, my royal circumference of tranquility, I move away from these commoners. But when I’m stuck in there, I am left with no choice but assert my right for clean air. Sometimes I say “excuse me, please don’t smoke here (public places)” or “sorry, but I have asthma, is it okay if you put out your cigarette?”

But my favorite way is not speaking at all. I just sit in front of the smoker, stare at the cigarette, and cover my mouth and nose with a hanky. Drives my message straight.

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cj brosas
cj brosas
13 years ago

tama ka ai… it’s a sign!!!

13 years ago

I went WTF! when I saw the photo. Goodness me, that’s overkill! Waaay beyond “sunog baga”. Is that for real?

Anyway, even though I smoke, even I can’t take it when a stranger smokes in my immediate space. These impolite people give smokers a bad name.

13 years ago

Hahaha thats a google image. Im not sure if it’s real but I found it fitting. As if to say: ayaw mong tumigil? I know exactly how you feel. Some of my friends like to smoke but dont want to be in the presence of other smokers. There are some smokers who just don’t know how to smoke, I think. THose are the irritating type. Smoke’s everywhere, that kind of thing. I like the sexy thin puff of smoke that diffuse the moment you study their shapes. I dont like the smoke that comes to you like a fat cumulus… Read more »

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