Daily Anxieties Dissolved in A Cup

Every morning brings me quiet happiness. A steady stream of wind from the huge windows cool the house, blowing away the previous night’s coldness in my body left by the air conditioned bedroom.

I would take the the trash out of our room and comfort room to the kitchen, wash my hands, get me a cup of coffee or milk or yogurt or strawberry tea or power berries juice, then I would get me a slice of bread or cake (today it was freshly baked muffins). Sometimes it’s rice and cold cuts or the previous night’s left over.

I would turn on this laptop and check my mails, read articles, surf the net (today it was blogging).

I would wear my doll shoes and walk to the grocer and buy a newspaper or a waffle (plain, butter, or kaya) for a housemate.

Walking back, I would pass the same route: across a hawker (eatery), stairs up to the overpass, elevator down to the opposite sidewalk, across the ground level parking lot, to the basement parking lot, up to the mini-park/playground, across the lawn, into our building, elevator to the 7th floor, back to the sofa where I’d read the papers, while finishing my cup.

Before lunchtime, all my daily anxieties would have to be dissolved into muck that I wash away in the sink.

Then I would set out into the world of unmapped territory and collect Things To Worry About When You’re An Adult.

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