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  • What is Comparative Literature?

    Dr. J.B. Schriever, the Europe-educated and European-looking professor who can speak French, German, Spanish, English, Filipino, and Batangas Tagalog (&c.) interchangeably, says it’s a methodology. the comparatists in the painful making That affirms Damrosch’s claim that Comparative Literature is a mode of reading. So it’s not really an area of studies but a system of […]

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  • Sky Over Dimas’ Review by Powerhouse Class

    Dr Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo asked in class, “Why is there humor in a novel as tragic as this?” Thinking out loud I said, “Otherwise it could have been a Russian novel.” A classmate laughed, my professor sneered. Sky Over Dimas makes you feel good about how normal your family is–boring even. Its first line, “The fact […]

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  • The Fantastic in Philippine Speculative Fiction

    How and why is fantasy—as defined by American critic Eric Rabkin and Slovenian Slavoj Žižek—used in Philippine Speculative Fiction 3 (PSF3)? For this inquiry, the stories selected are FH Batacan’s “Keeping Time,” Alfred Yuson’s “The Music Child,” and Yvette Tan’s “Sidhi”. Edited by Nikki Alfar and Dean Francis Alfar, the anthology is marketed as “short […]

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