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  • the french connection (part 2)

    Last week, I was stuck in a room somewhere in Ayala, with a French man, and this is part of our small talk. Monsieur: tu es arrivĂ© ici comment? (how did you get here?) Aileen: uh, je prend le metro, le mrt. (i took the…mrt) Il fait chaud!!! (It’s

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  • still on ayala

    In the Philippine American Education Foundation advising, I met Margie who plans to apply to Harvard. She’s a part-time teacher in FEATI while working for the Asian Development Bank. She seemed to start taking interest in conversing with me when she asked me how my TOEFL went, and I told her I was drunk when

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  • at ayala

    Yesterday was the longest time I ever stayed in Ayala, Makati when I sought advice from the Philippine American Education Foundation (PAEF). And I left the city floating with

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