Singapore food brands eye Philippine franchisees

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  • Date:2016-06-24
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With the Philippines’ population of 20 times more than that of Singapore, the city state’s F&B brands are finding an attractive market in the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

Executives from Singapore food brands flew into Manila this week as they look to expand through Philippine franchisee partners.

During an exclusive business matching event “Master Franchise Meet and Match” yesterday at Le Jardin in Bonifacio Global City, Singapore-based entrepreneurs and business organisations announced their interest in looking for potential partners to penetrate the Filipino market, known for its food enthusiasm.

Business owners and executives said they are looking to source the ingredients and products locally, but some ingredients will need to come from Singapore to retain their brands’ flavour.

Johnny Mayani, CEO of Wing Zone, said one of the reasons for choosing the Philippines is the big percentage of young consumers. He indicated that this market is suitable for their business, which targets the young food enthusiasts willing to customize products and try new flavours. Another reason is the Filipinos’ appreciation for Western food.

“The Philippines is a very exciting market for us because of the fact that it is very Western concept friendly,” said Mayani.

Wing Zone is an Atlanta-based restaurant chain which serves hamburgers, french fries, and buffalo wings. It’s headquartered in Singapore to look over its operations in Asia.

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