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My housemates and I slept late last night after watching short bio features (about 20 mins each) on E! channel. Starting with Nicole Kidman, the program went on telling the famous lives of top-selling Hollywood stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston.

From one star to another, we were arrested by the stunning changes in their maturity, performance, filmography, and most of all, looks (emphasis on the hair) and sense of fashion.

Whenever the program presents curious facts about the stars, however, I couldn’t believe how much I already know about Hollywood showbiz after denying to myself since college that showbiz is not my business. Maybe I’ve been reading fashion and so-called  “women’s magazines” more than I usually allow myself, and when I open fashun magz, I rush to pages with full articles in them, then I slide back to other pages and stare at the details of gowns, dresses and shoes (because: I fill my notebooks and sketch pads with drawings and sketches of gowns, dresses and shoes), and I imagine what kind of character could be wearing these hot red pumps or that vintage Versace flowing gown.

But what I know is no match to one of our housemates’ knowledge of Hollywood and pop culture! She knows the partners and mothers and fathers of the most celebrated Hollywood stars. She is well-informed on the Grammys and the Academy Awards. She randomly comments on movies that I haven’t seen and singers I don’t even know. She knows so many movers and shakers of the society, particularly the entertainment industry.

I think she wasn’t fully aware of how hefty her knowledge on these things is till I asked her, “bakit ang dami mong alam sa mga ganyan?” She laughed out loud, thought about it, and with all humility, said, “wala akong magawa e. Chismosa kasi ako.”

It’s the chika that hook us to Hollywood, yeah.

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