a voyeur's notes on "Orz Boyz" and "Chocolate Rap" (from Shang's Taiwanese Film Festival)

Too bad. I only chanced upon two films from the Taiwanese Film Festival:

Chocolate Rap (Qiao ke li zhong ji, Chi Y. Lee, 2006)


Orz Boyz (Jiong nan hai, Yang Ya-che, 2008)

The first one is drama, but I hardly cried. The second one is comedy, but my eyes were red, swelling after the movie.

Chocolate Rap is about a young guy who’s good at street dancing and who wants to enter a dance competition; Orz Boyz is about two naughty kids who are very good at playing tricks and scheming since they want to enter the “Kingdom of Oz” – a fantastic place of wonderful imagination.

Chocolate Rap was an entertaining treat; Orz Boyz made me miss my younger brothers who create a world for themselves when the adult world stops being a fun place to live in.

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