a voyeur’s notes on “Good Morning Heartache”

My first Italian Film Festival experience started with the lovely Good Morning Heartache.

I so love this film because I’ve experienced waking up every morning, saying, Good morning heartache.

Then comes your cupid, who loves looking at you, watching over you, watching you (not in a stalker kind of way).

This film is about two filmmakers doing a docu film, like a reality tv/movie. They follow their actor friend (who gets the extra roles) and his young wife, and their separation, and the husband’s affair (and even sex life), and the wife’s crumbling emotional state and her friends’ comforting acts, and the wife’s disintegrating work performance because of her toddler’s absence of support. When the husband and wife made love again (the husband btw has an official relationship with a sexy medical practitioner), one of the filmmakers, Eros (insert hearts here) made her realize that this is stupid because both of them know that he’s never coming back to her. Ever. (He doesn’t do commitments and babies, yes he’s a jerk).

And the revelation:  Eros has been falling in love with her, so ends the romantic comedy. Why is it so cute for guys to fall in love like a little girl who has a big crush on someone? The Eros character is Love personified.

This was also fun to watch because of Italia’s remarkable fashion sense, and everyday life. Gad I want to go to Italy.

Notes after the film say that the film won the Best Unreleased Docu in Italy, sometime in 2008.

It’s nice to fall in love again. (insert more hearts here)

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