[box] A moment:

Titanium was playing on the car radio, C5 billboards whooshing by; my sister, her son, and I singing along, dancing in the February sun; Mike was driving; flyover; shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am TitAYneeYom, we screamed.[/box]

In the spirit of Frozen, I dedicate tough, true love to my sister and my nephew this Valentines. Being my one and only sister, she has been my meanest critic and sweetest friend, always checking on me and giving advice (solicited or not), also taking tips and lessons from the older sister. 

The past few years have been dear to us as we were given a chance to bond more to compensate for the “cold years” we spent living each other’s life. The result: our endless talks. There were times when I would fly to Singapore in the middle of the night, and she would open the door at 3am; I’d roll my bag into her room, and we’d chat about work, our brothers, short flights, food, diet, exercise, fashion blogs, La Senza undies, gynecologists, make-up from Sephora, beauty regimen, university life, social media, social behavior, Metro Manila traffic, poverty, business dreams, Marcus’ toys, Marcus’ wits and antics, Marcus’ future.


I’m thankful she has feisty friends who serve as her ‘support group’ and whom she’s loyal to. I’m thankful she has upgraded her taste in many levels (haha). I’m thankful she gave us Marcus and has shown us how to love fiercely, with fireworks and thousand-megawatt electricity.



 If mornings at your desk are being unbearable, go somewhere else with sunshine even for a minute. And breathe. Know that your ate loves you.IMG_6150

And Monster Marcus is just waiting for your next homecoming.

Munster Valentines to everyone!



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