Laughter keeps couples

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but did you know that laughing is a secret aphrodisiac that can lead to a longer and happier relationship? Researchers have discovered that the therapeutic effects of laughter also translate to relationships, adding more positivity in your interactions with your partner in areas such as physical intimacy and trust. Let’s discover the ways that all those smiles and giggles can build stronger bonds between you and your partner.


Laughing can make you vulnerable

Opening up and letting your guard down can seem like the scariest thing in the world, especially in new relationships, but laughing has the power to break down all those walls and make you approachable to your partner. Once we laugh, we’re more open to love, compassion, courage and other positive characteristics we all possess, drop our defenses and fall into this level of trust where we become more flexible with and accepting of each other. At the end of the day, meditation expert Pragito Dove says the healing nature of laughing sends us a reminder that we all want the same things: happiness, peacefulness, and finally, to love and be loved.

You and your partner will be in a better mood

Laughing brings out your playful, humorous side, and because laughing is infectious, your playfulness can lift your partner’s spirits. If one of you comes home from a bad day at work, a smile from either one of you can instantly improve your mood. Making room for laughter in your life will push out any building negativity from fights, tension or animosity. Adam & Eve explain, “With less negativity in your life, your mood will be better and you’ll be able to handle arguments easier. Laughter really can diffuse an argument very quickly.” The physical act allows us to release the tension in our mind and body and just relax, boosting the immune system and releasing endorphins. According to Laugh Your Way to Happiness author Lesley Lyle, even the simple act of smiling or forced laughter can lighten the mood.

It can improve your sex life

Scientists have studied the neuronal and other bodily responses to both sex and laughing, and have found a number of similarities. Intimacy has always been a major factor in keeping a relationship alive, and one way to keep that fire alive is by having more laughter in your life. In an article on the Elephant Journal, sexologist and certified Laughter Yoga Leader Martha Tara Lee shares that there are seven ways that sex and laughter are connected. Other than the stress relieving, mood improving and immune system boosting effects previously mentioned, sex and laughter can help us feel pleasure faster since both build more neural pathways throughout our brain and body, increasing our ability to experience pleasure and sensation on a regular basis with less effort. Other similarities include maintaining hormonal balance and keeping us in shape.