Happy, happy new year, world!

Apparently we all survived the end of the world, rather nervously. This start of the year should be a renewal of life, but I think all of us renew life every time we replace cells here and there, and improve on our self.

Right before calendars turned 2012, I made a list of outlook, which I post here with notes.

1. see the boyfriend late 2012

He went back to the Philippines last May. That’s mid-2012. Yay!

Baguio City

2. be an expert in the principles of supply and demand in global economies

Not really an expert, but I understood a lot.

3. expand business network

This has to be the year I met the most number of new contacts, talked with so many people, in the Philippines and abroad.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4. paint

I did with watercolor pencils and oil.

5. ride an elephant

In Thailand!

6. beach bum in Bali

I decided to postpone this and beach bum in Philippine beaches instead. All year round.

Camiguin, Philippines

7. invest in some properties

I did.

8. road trip with college friends

Not just one, but two memorable epic trips.

Subic, Philippines

9. make more people happy

I hope I did make people happy when my sister and I bought Papa a car, when my friends and I organized a fun run for the victims of violence against women, when I hosted a friend’s wedding, when I wrote a feature article for IRRI’s Rice Today magazine (it was picked up and quoted by international press), and when I wrote that article in Youngblood, which reached more than 11,000 shares!

10. make love on the sand late 2012

Anda, Pangasinan



Happy new year!!!

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11 years ago

cute hihi 🙂

11 years ago
Reply to  Mike

this year, I swear, I am going to rest. No travels (ok I can’t promise)

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