what to wear in Bangkok when you come in April

To dress up is to communicate. One doesn’t need an expensive wardrobe collection to flaunt one’s style. Imagination should be good enough.

Coming to Bangkok in April, however, is a bit of a challenge to one’s creativity in mixing up dresses and accessories because this month is the hottest ever. (Try to focus a blow dryer on your face and you get the idea.) All you’d want to wear is nothing, but with holy temples on your places-to-visit, that’d be impossible. Even a sleeveless dress is probihited.

The tip here is to wear cotton. And it better be white not to attract more heat, since as we all know, dark colored clothes absorb more heat than light colored ones do. When going to the temples, wearing sleeveless and shorts on your way there is a good idea as long as you have a spare sarong or change of clothes with you. It is best to bring your own sarong rather than rent one in the temples to avoid long ques of people renting them.

Again, better bring your light cotton clothes, or you can just buy them here in Bangkok where so many shoes, bags, and clothes are on bargain.

(photos by C. and O.)

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11 years ago

Your style is great! Love the pictures.

11 years ago
Reply to  carmela

thank you, Carmela!

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