Tam-awan Village and other realities




In some other time, or planes of existence, time seems to move forward ever so slowly, slower than the city pace or that of a town indulged in a rush for Pleasures that will masticate society- and self-induced Pain.

Tam-awan Village in Baguio preserves a way of living in its small parcel of land in slopes and mid-air.

One can reach this kind of place through a long cab ride from Session Road (about P100 only) or through a dream.

It’s so small that one can trek up and down from one Ifugao hut to another, all in a span of coffee time.

Greetings from the empty Village will come from a room of art at the entrance.

Another room of art functions as Cafe. They serve pasta and coffee and songs of Adele.

Some huts can be rented overnight for a feel of the place from once upon a time.


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