road trip, the Comm Arts way

Million thanks to the people who took some of their precious time reading, sharing, blogging, re-blogging, tweeting, google plus-ing (whut?), and commenting on my article published in Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s Young Blood last week.

Many personal messages surprised and touched me. Friends told me that it was trending in FB, it’s the top most read article in last week, and (the boyfriend said) my blogsite reached 2.7 million hits. I appreciate them all. Thank you.

One of my initial reactions was: Wow, many people still read. Cool! Some wanted to meet us in person, and some were inspired to write, to travel, to smile, and to blog. Some even joked about riding buses more often.

But, since I’m a shy person, let me divert your attention to more interesting people than me. My Comm Arts friends.

Communication Arts is usually the butt end of jokes in the university because according to others,

1. we don’t have higher Math/Science subjects

2. we’re “just” doing theater, our curriculum has nothing in it but general education courses

3. and we are “maaarte” (help me with the English term for this… finicky? girly? flirty?).

I just shrug these off and the hundred associations to “Comm Arts” because while others make a fuss about us, we rock and roll.


Let me introduce you to two awesome Comm Arts graduates whom I’ve worked with since college days: Kei and Jay. The three of us belong to the same batch, 2001, and from neighboring towns in Laguna. Later on, we did Lakwatcha.


Jay is a game designer at Makati based Anino Games. He works with a team who conceptualizes, designs, and tests games for PC, mobile phones, and other devices. Since his is a job that needs a non-stop source of creativity, I am hands down to Jay’s storytelling powers and designs. To top it all, he and his teammates recently won Manila Game Jam 2012!


Now, Prof Kei.

She graduated magna cum laude. (LOL she doesn’t like being introduced this way). She finished MA Media Studies (Film) in UP Diliman and acclaimed film critic Roland Tolentino is her thesis adviser.

This month, she heads a film festival called “Pelikultura.” Last year’s festival appeared to be successful and I’m sure this year’s will be, too.

road trip

Last December the three of us met in Santa Rosa, Laguna to have our first unplanned Laguna-Quezon-Batangas road trip with Jay driving a van. You can check out the long adventure story at his website (, but if it were a story, the premise could’ve been:

[box] what if you go out on a two-day budget road trip with no idea where you’re going and your friend seems like he just learned how to drive?[/box]

We survived, nonetheless. We like what we do, and we do what we  like. That’s how we rock and roll.

[button link=”″ type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] Pelikultura’s sched(free movies) [/button]
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Kei Tan
Kei Tan
12 years ago

salamat ng jillion times Ai! nood ka sa libreng sine! mas marami ka masusulat sa blog mo after. hihi

12 years ago
Reply to  Kei Tan

hahaha! dami na nakaline up! (and i didnt give justice to our road trip adventure) midweeks and weekends i try to blog. anyways, if i finish my work early, i hope to see connet’s entry.

12 years ago

I, J, K.

12 years ago
Reply to  J'aime


12 years ago

i, j, k! heheh

yung profile pic ko pa ginamit mo a tsktsk :))

12 years ago
Reply to  nelson

i picked the best photos of you and kei from your album and i realized, both are your profile pics. same tastes!

12 years ago
Reply to  ai

siya kumuha ng pic ko, ako sa kanya. hehe

12 years ago

Ok,so I’m a Speech Comm graduate (Comm Arts na din). And YES I can relate to this:
“Communication Arts is usually the butt end of jokes in the university because according to others,. . .”

Haha! But,oh,well, yes,Ms.Ai, we rock and roll! 😀

12 years ago
Reply to  Charmaine

Hahaha! yeah, even up to now, I can’t believe I still get those jokes. sheesh.
Cheers, Charmaine. Let’s just stay pretty. haha!

12 years ago

Momsie, I read your article too. Kinilig ako. Hahahaha. Lagi inaapi ang CommArts kasi kahit andami natin ginagawa di halata, di daw tayo mukhang stressed. Kasi we enjoy what we do, yes? I miss you and Ma’am Kei. Buti na lang naging teacher ko kayo. Hihi. Ciao! Lab lab! <3

2 years old na ang bebe ko. 🙂

12 years ago
Reply to  KM

Hi KM! yeah, some people have issues with communication people. i had a classmate in masters before, though, he’s from UST, and when he heard im a comm arts graduate, he said, wow! di ba super busy yung course na yun? he got it damn right.

sending your bebe some love! 😀

12 years ago

I saw your blog through my friend on fb. I was really inspired by the way you write. I would dare also myself to smile again. hehe. More power to you and may God bless the works of your hands. 🙂

12 years ago
Reply to  eunicerocksify

you are one sweet girl. bless you too. 🙂 thanks for noticing the way i write..

12 years ago

Pero kapag tinanong kung saang college pinakamagaganda, CAS agad. Particularly yung mga BACA na nakatambay sa steps. Tsaka andami-dami niyo kayang ginagawa palagi, iniisip ko pa lang napapagod na ako. Also, I know some who topped their Math and Science courses kahit electives lang sila. =)

12 years ago
Reply to  king

Hi, King!

Damn right. You nailed it.

😀 cheers!

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