Parasailing in Boracay

perky travel mates, Apple and Jaemie

What does it feel like, being suspended in the air, dangling from an umbrella?

I’d think about this madly when I was small and bored being pinned on the ground. I’d consider jumping from the bungalow roof, umbrella on hand, friendly wind beneath my feet, and faith in my heart that I land in one piece. I did jump from roof to roof later on, from which I earned a 9-stitch battle scar, but that’s another story – this year I somehow managed to finally get stuck up in the air with an “umbrella” for a quarter of an hour over the sea; the closest I could get to levitating.

The first time I saw people parasailing in Boracay years ago, I told myself I’ll return here with my travel buddy and fly.

Together with my sister’s friends, Mike and I paid for the fees that will detach us, if only for a while, from the island paradise swarming with Koreans. Speedy boat took us first to the middle of the sea. Everyone transferred to another speedboat equipped with parachute attached to the towing boat. Apple and Ivy put on the harness first, sat at the tail of the boat, and began to rise. In no time, we lost our connection to them except the rope.


They’re right when they exclaimed upon their descent how awesome and relaxing the lift was.

What does it feel like, being suspended in the air? It’s quiet up there. The silence was the kind you need when poring over some books. We wouldn’t mind dangling and gliding  and talking all by ourselves for hours, with our feet swinging from maybe a hundred feet above sea level. And with that height we’re thrown to, it’s so appealing to use the cliche “looking at a bird’s eye view.”

I knew my efforts to fly as a child had a good deal of basis.

I’m sure you once dreamed of flying too. Happy pill: The universe can be generous with wish fulfillment once in a while.

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