Musings and brief moments of indulgence

I’ve been locked out of my blog for some time to avoid any hacking incidence that’s been crippling my host’s websites, so to make up for it, I’ll try to write every other day starting today.

First, some realizations.

In less than two months, I have written about 80 articles: news re-writes, breaking news stories, and full-length articles; also interviewed CEOs, politicians’ media personnel, university professors, international experts in medicine, health professionals, and other sources. I am not sure how I did that since I only used to write one full article in three months in my previous job. Amazing. And tiring, said my eyes.

The first month flew by rather smoothly because of generous guidance from the editors in Australia – and the happy fruit basket we receive every week.

Last week I started getting distracted (but I tried so hard to contain my disappointment) when I saw my tax. It’s about a quarter of my salary. I went up to the supervisor. Nothing can be done about it. Status quo.  “Welcome to the Philippines” my officemate said. I went out for a long walk that morning.

And then there’s another issue that has been building up in recent days: I have to be honest with myself – do I like to be stuck in an office for eight hours after eight years of a young career that rarely pinned me in one place for so long a time at any given day.

However, this realization runs in contrast with another decision: I want to cut on my travels at least this year.

I got tired of moving around a lot for the last three years, especially last year when I have lived and stayed in hotels, inns, beach houses, my parents’ house in Laguna,  my sister’s flat in Singapore, friends’ apartment, on the road, here and around Southeast Asia. (This week, I’ll start writing about misadventures and travels.)

Anyways, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning.

The beautiful part of this new chapter I’m writing in my life is whenever I’m here in the condominium that Mike and I are renting for several months. Some weekends, my little nephew, Marcus, is here to swim or play or watch cartoons all day, then I would make him some milk or cook him some hotdogs or popcorn. I just love that adorable little ball of energy.

When I get back from work past 3 in the afternoon, I’d try different recipes of pasta and enjoy them in the solitude of sunset. That’s Manila Bay miracle sunset, baby. Then I’d drift to nap or read a book before Mike and I switch on the TV to watch the latest movies he just downloaded.

The view from our window is an urban and natural spectacle, and on Saturday mornings like this, the breeze and the sea add to our comfort.

With these in mind, I’d be a bloody, ungrateful animal if I whine more about life.

(Pero, Jezis Christ, that tax)

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11 years ago

Oh my TAX!
Need to know, how to compute that Damn Tax!

11 years ago
Reply to  mina

Hi Mina, thanks for your comment. Well, when I was starting to rant about my tax, I was given different websites where I can calculate my tax. I’m not sure about the accuracy though. Check out this one:

11 years ago

Hi Ai,

I remember my tax when I worked in the BPO industry. Makakabuhay na siya ng pamilya. Hehe.

Btw, why are there porn ads in your blog? O_o

11 years ago
Reply to  Zarah

Yeah, exactly! Mkakabuhay na ng pamilya! I do hope the government is using it that way. Anyways, porn ads hahah! I dunno! Naughty google ads!

11 years ago
Reply to  Zarah

hey, mike said the google ads depend on the IP browsing the website. haha baka may nanonood ng porn sa condo nyo. 😀 Sa akin naman, walang porn ads.

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