Young people are more given to short temper and fury, than their elders. While in a waiting lobby, I read an article suggesting that a calm mind is more productive and professional in a working environment.

It says many top executives have turned to meditation and quiet exercises to keep them on top of their game, especially in situations that could test one’s limits. Here are some ways I can think of to keep our calm meter up:

1. Drink a glass of water. The body is powered up with this single effortless activity and the systems are refreshed.

Or grab a cup of tea.

2. Hide FB posts or unfollow contacts that annoy you.

3. Spray citrusy perfume on you or scents in the room. The smell of citrus has been known to calm the senses.

Bottle of eau de toilette in my room

4. Cook. Given the right cooking environment, which shouldn’t be nothing close to a resto’s kitchen, there’s something comforting about sauteeing garlic and onions, don’t you think? Just don’t burn it.

5. Write three wonderful things you are thankful for everyday. It could be something expensive like your iPhone or as cheap as a freshly baked garlic bread or as priceless as a “Like” from someone important to you.


6. Take a walk. Take a long walk. Sometimes walking out of an intense situation can do more good than harm as the mind seems to cool down and restart. If you read Steve Jobs’ biography, you’d see how the tech genius and Apple CEO would take important business talks to walks.

Punggol Waterway, Singapore

7.  Do yoga. Aside from the calming wonders it can do to your mind because of breathing exercises, it can also trim down some unwanted fats and tone your body, especially if done regularly.

This young woman did one-hour yoga for a few months, every other day, thanks to Kitchie Marcial for the inspiration, but since she has moved out of the condo, it’s been difficult squeezing time (for exercise) – and fats.

8. Smile.

9. Take a deep breath.

10. Look up the stars, or moon, or the clear night sky and be amazed how the universe allowed the speck that is you to witness its grandeur spanning 14 billion years in continuous, delicate expansion.

Waterway, Singapore
Baguio City

Keep calm and carry on with life.

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