Somewhere in Makati, we found a piece of the Mediterranean.


He’d teach me how to eat the chewy pita bread, tearing it with fingers, dipping into yoghurt mix.


I’d take a bite, too, of his chicken bursting with flavors from Turkey or Saudi Arabia, where he worked for a year and ate with the passion and appetite of the Arabs. Mike says an Arab would eat large platter of rice and chicken and potatoes fit for a small family in the Philippines.


I’d share my Greek dish, moussaka, with him and let him search the creaminess of the top layer, the juicy eggplant and meat, and the spice of everything put together in his mouth. It’s full of flavors, carbs and calories that I paused eating halfway through the crusty, cheesy moussaka.


Mike and I also like this Mediterranean grill in Los Baños called Chubby Habbi, owned by Caio Cadiz of Save Alex Movement band. I met him and watched the band through Task Force Given Grace. Just as how the Mediterranean basin covers Europe, Asia, and Africa, Chubby Habbi covers the satisfaction of different taste buds. If one should not miss Tri-Mo Shawarma in Fairview, Quezon City, one shouldn’t ignore this grill near UPLB Raymundo gate.





Maybe I should start blogging more about food and dining. It takes such a big part of our everyday life, we take this experience for granted. I’m not talking of expensive dine out experiences but the different meals and ways people eat. I like Inquirer’s food writer Clinton Palanca. It’s as if his challenge is to write about food without mentioning yum! or delicious! or this tastes bad! He brings you to the table with him and invites you to gastronomical talks with a cheery friend who has a clear idea of what he wants to eat.

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