Around the metro: united to help

Just a quick post today. I’ve been gathering foot dust rolling around the metro since weekend and everywhere I go, there’s serious work on relief operations and gigs for the Yolanda survivors.

Before going to UPLB Pahinungod last Saturday we picked up something at Eastwood City and saw men prepping an area for a concert dedicated to the typhoon victims.


Eastwood stop. We know ‘selfie’ is the word of the year for a reason (and look who’s got sunburn from the beach)

In Makati yesterday and last Sunday, we noticed that shoppers are not as many as usual, despite salary and bonus day. Where are the people? we ask ourselves; maybe busy elsewhere extending a hand or attending charity events? Last night in Glorietta Martin Nievera was singing with  Kuh Ledesma, Piolo Pascual and others when we were passing by. I was also around GMA Network Center and saw the Kapuso Foundation brimming with goods and volunteers; almost too many to handle in fact, which I think is a good problem to have.

You know, I can’t think of anything to close this as I still have that hang over from last week’s absolutely schizophrenic mood of social media (pero when was it not?). There’s a lot to say about the government’s initial paralysis and there’s much to be done to help the victims get up, but for now, I’ve to meet Mike in Makati and run to Villamor Airbase later to help in any way we can through Art Relief mobile kitchen or Juan for Yolanda.


This month marks the fifth year of this blog and I’d like to thank you all readers, passers-by and (ok) bots and hackers for dropping by (155,000 hits last month!). It means a lot to me, really. Especially at times I forget why I write.

I don’t like doing this on my blog but… here’s a smiley and three exclamation marks from the blogger and the developer: Thanks!!! 🙂
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