No amount of global recession can really stop us from changing our food habits but when I dined in at Italianni’s one weekend, I felt like a well-off socialite (a cheaper version) who continually consumes wine and caviar amidst the global financial crisis, increasing job losses, reeking squalor, and unequal distribution of wealth.

After picking the tab, I decided to be more stringent on Saturday night-outs or Sunday luncheon: I’ll go for tasty treats in tighter budget.

Laloma, Quezon City is just the place for this. Two stores along Retiro street for example, to my pleasant wonder, never run out of customers. What a hit they are to all sorts of people! Sometimes I would even find people standing by the side waiting for their turn, like in high-end restaurants that require reservation to get a seat.

I’m talking about the Original Pares and Mami House and Egoy Sizzling which everybody calls Sizzlingan.

My first time in Sizzlingan was followed by more than a hundred visits (okay, okay, divide that by five) because of the following:

(1) cheap price;

(2) savory meals;

and (3) impeccable service.

Guilty pleasure this time comes from ordering more than one sizzling plate for the hungry me.

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