Let’s talk about films.

Many people love watching movies, some make films… and a few crazy ones, like Kei here, study them and head a cool film festival.


1. What’s the last movie you saw in cinema and with whom?

Rurouni Kenshin with, uhm, you!

2. What’s the next movie you’re going to watch on the big screen?

Himala in HD! or the restored Genghis Khan. Or more possibly, the MMFF films.

3. Who’s that actor/actress you wanna sleep with hahaha

Gael Garcia Bernal, then Javier Bardem. hahaha

4. Is there a film that made a huge impact in your childhood in one way or another?

Not really the film, but the movie theaters. We lived near Avenida (Rizal Ave.) where a lot of old movie houses are located. My titos and titas would bring us there once in a while as a treat.  

5. What film genre are you most comfy watching?

Any genre is ok with me, but I especially enjoy horror and action.

6. What movies have made you cry like stupid?

Armageddon. It’s crazy, I know.

7. What’s your all-time favorite film (international and local)?

It mostly changes, but I like Casablanca, Himala, and Nunal sa Tubig.

8. If you are to pitch a movie, what story are you going to tell?

A mountaineer lost in Mt. Makiling trapped and seduced by the deity herself, but saved by her in the end.

9. Do you follow the works of a certain director?

Yes, especially the regional filmmakers.

10. Why should the Philippines watch regional films?

Simply because it is our own stories! These films tell stories closest to our being. They highlight our diverse cultures and let us rediscover who we are as a people.



Kei Tan is the Festival Director of Cinema Rehiyon 5 and assistant professor at the UPLB Department of Humanities.

Cinema Rehiyon 5 is co-presented by UPLB Foundation Inc. and Pelikulab. The much-awaited film festival will be in UPLB on February 5-8, 2013.

Cinema Rehiyon is the flagship project of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts–Cinema Committee.


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11 years ago

Anong pambubugaw to? Hahaha

11 years ago
Reply to  franco

hahaha, hobby lang!

11 years ago


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