Cracker recommends "Here Comes the Bride"

Chris Martinez wrote and directed this comedy. And as my friends and I decided after seeing this film, he is one genius who is worth viewing and reviewing.

The film does not bank on slapstick, which Pinoy comedy movies are known for, infamously. It plays with funny impossibilities of character switch and all the actors gave the script its rightful justice. I didn’t like Angelica Panganiban before, by way of impression, but she is incredible and credible. Eugene Domingo has traces of her Kimidora characters but she’s still endearing because of the plot which will preoccupy the audience’s mind. John Lapus’ character is the most interesting, in my “gaze”, even when he transferred to the bride’s body. It’s the vagina envy and Dorian Gray-ish desire for youth that makes his role stereotypically hilarious. Jaime Fabregas and Tuesday Vargas could’ve been forgotten but their switching of languages from Tagalog to Ilongo to Spanish to English, with authentic accent, is such a delight!

I remember once upon a time I commented on a forum that Star Cinema movies are crappy. Now I have to say that there are chris martinez exceptions.

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14 years ago

Now that youve mentioned it..I might give it a try..:)

14 years ago

ako din!

14 years ago

yes, go ahead! and have the time of your life, laughing.

14 years ago

The film does not bank on slapstick, which Pinoy comedy movies are known for, INFAMOUSLY.

– this one made me laughing… ^_^

14 years ago

7 years na ‘ata me di nanonood ng “kalahi-ko” movies, may prejudgment kac…try ko lang panoorin ang film na ito to know if mam ai’s comment ’bout it is not business-related..hahaha..peace tau mam ha…miss u po…

14 years ago

I don’t watch Filipino films all that often *covers herself from the things thrown by other Filipino film fanatics* but I laughed my ass off when I watched this movie. ^_^

The story is a little bit unoriginal. But the magnetic hill bit of it was cool. Makes you think that it might be possible. The actors were awesome. The comedy was not overdone.

I still have my pirated cd of this. Opps. *looks around for the anti-piracy police*

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