Let’s talk about Cinema Rehiyon 5.

The film festival for Philippine independent cinema outside the country’s capital is called Cinema Rehiyon, and the first two festivals were held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. After that, Davao and Bacolod hosted the next ones.


In 2013, it will be in Maria Makiling’s paradise in Laguna.

Call for film entries is already on, and Carson here heads the publicity committee, so that more and more filmmakers can be aware of this exciting opportunity to create art and share it.

1. What’s the last movie you saw in cinema and with whom?

Titktik: The Aswang Chronicles by Erik Matti with colleagues from UPLB Department of Humanities,  Ayel Liwanag and Jea Buera. We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom but it was raining and EK was crowded due to field trips, so we ended up watching the film at SM Calamba instead.

2. What’s the next movie you’re going to watch on big screen?

I’m planning to see Rise of the Guardians.

3. Who’s that actor/actress you wanna sleep with hahaha


4. Is there a film that made a huge impact in your childhood in one way or another?

Definitely The Lion King (1994). If my memory serves me right, it’s the first film I saw on the big screen; I remember singing and dancing to Hakuna Matata and imitating Simba’s presentation scene. Or Batman and Robin (1997), R-13, but I was only 7. Plus, it’s the first time I saw a kissing scene.

5. What film genre are you most comfy watching?

I like classic Hollywood horror films and family comedy-dramas.

6. What movies have made you cry like stupid?

I have a soft spot for films with father-and-son storylines. Big Fish (2003) pierced through my heart. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), too.

7. What’s your all-time favorite film (foreign and local)?


I like Himala (1982) and Dekada ’70 (2002). For foreign films, I have to say Big Fish and all films in the Batman franchise, both the original and the Nolan reboot).

8. If you are to pitch a movie, what story are you going to tell?

Maybe a love story with a happy ending, to make up for my lack of one. Haha! Kidding.

9. Do you follow the works of a certain director?

Not really though I’m particularly interested in the works of Tim Burton.

10. Why should the Philippines watch regional films?

Regional films say a lot about our identity as people.


Carson Cruz is the publicity head of Cinema Rehiyon 5. You may contact him at cinemarehiyon5@gmail.com for partnership, sponsorship, or (why not) friendship.

Cinema Rehiyon 5 is co-presented by UPLB Foundation Inc. and Pelikulab. The much-awaited film festival will be in UPLB on February 5-8, 2013.

Cinema Rehiyon is the flagship project of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts–Cinema Committee.


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