Where are you now? I seem to be getting this question a lot these days, and mostly my answer is on the bed? which is true. Minus the specific location, I am in Milan, Italy, staying at a relatives’ old, high-ceiling apartment.

milan, italy aileen macalintalThree days ago, I flew here from Copenhagen with my cousin, my sister, and her boyfriend, but my sister is staying with him so I am alone in a room with a charming french door that opens to a balcony that faces trees and rows of old residential buildings. I am recuperating from a week of sleepless nights of traveling, walking alone, bidding goodbye, and figuring out the statistical significance of relationships in cases related to the refugee crisis. And since the UK was the focus of our final exam, I said to myself, this year I am done trying to understand the British.

Anxiety is still hammering my head because of another exam coming up. The last one for the semester. There’s also the problem of settling down in my next destination. I am not yet ready for 2017. I’m so afraid.

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