Free spirits who began life at 30s


My summer reads included two biographies – “Art Lover” (Peggy Guggenheim) and “Dearie” (Julia Child). These were 70% off because a Bibliarch branch in Pasong Tamo was closing its store last April – a sad affair, but a great chance to read about two strong women who began Life in their 30s.

Peggy’s biographer was very careful in presenting facts since intrigue and overlapping perspectives surrounded the life of the subject – an art patron/socialite, whose roots go all the way back to the first Jewish families who traveled to the US and made money there. Julia’s biographer has a gift in candid writing, which reflects the famous globetrotting foodie’s energy and resolve to pursue her passion at a relatively late age of 30s/40s.

Note to self: One way of traveling the world or going back in time and meeting new people who can cast sunshine over our gloom or challenge our complacency is reading life stories.

Will definitely look for other biographies.

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