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Happy 2015!

Every year, I meet and work with people who bring inspiration to the little skills that I have, whether it’s sketching, reporting, analyzing, or ‘journaling’ (wanted to say blogging, but I also keep ‘actual’ notebooks where I deposit thoughts and doodles). This year I’m positive that I’ll meet more who will continue to widen my perspective.

What’s in store for me this year?

Since my work in Makati allows me to work from home about three times a week and in flexible hours, I have time for self-improvement practices such as yoga, foreign-language learning, and reading (and watching TV series). I may also help a wedding coordinator feature their works through blogging. And, I can also use the time for detoxifying the brain, body, and bags.

While I avoid buying stuff that I don’t need, I’ve also been throwing away clutter, so now my bag is mess-free. Same with my Facebook, I’ve been deleting contacts who in my humble opinion could not contribute any to one’s well-being. Sounds harsh, but, what would I do with 1,500 contacts who virtually live in my newsfeeds and who send spam messages and invites, if I couldn’t follow my friend’s stories and life events? Simplicity, like brevity, is key.

IMG_0004 (Small)
Most of the stuff here are gifts, out of friends’ generosity or my coercion. The SB planner, nay – the Starbucks stickers are from Mike’s sister. Bag and some makeup from my sister.

IMG_0008 (Small)

IMG_0013 (Small)
Inhaler, oil, lotion, serum, eye cream, and night cream from my sister. Innisfree, interesting name, no?
IMG_0015 (Small)
Make-up talk: Our HR officers have the best eyebrows I’ve seen of late, so I asked what they use, one of them said elf, so I bought one. That BB cream gives me an oily face, so I use Hello, Flawless (Benefit foundation) from my sister. I don’t use blush, but housemate CJ gave me one, last year, from The Face Shop when he went to Korea. And, finally, that bunny is a hair clamp and has nothing to do with make-up.

IMG_0018 (Small)
Two of these are from my sister (VMV and Mac). While the two I got from Revlon and Maybelline. The orange one is a lip balm. What do you do with four shades of pink? Mix.
IMG_0025 (Small)
Mga regalo at arbor: Cambodia backpack (from Mike. Actually, Mike’s brother), Charles & Keith shoulder bag (from my sister), brown traveler’s pouch (from Tita Luz), sunnies from my brother JunJun.
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