Venue: Scape Flea Market

detail 1

Many items sold in the flea market are such a precious find like this cream vintage polka dot dress I got for only SGD3 (about a hundred pesos). Some are brand new, some are seldom used. Many are priced 5-10 dollars, others are $15-20. As closing time approaches, prices would drop to as low as one dollar.

dress detail 2

My sister sure got excited, she went away with both hands full of her “best finds” including a long sleeves Mango shirt (3 for $2). She couldn’t believe I only bought 3 items (I am really frugal). Told her: my first qualification should be a skip of heartbeat at first sight.

rugged looking or artsy-fartsy?
detail 1
detail 2
picnic dress!
detail 1

Singapore is one of those places where you can wear anything you want without getting much awkward glances from strangers because this tiny country is jam-packed with people who dress up. Sometimes you’d think that the boutique mannequins (guys, gals or gays) are taking a stroll after a boring shift on the display windows.

Sit on a subway all day and experience the street fashion runway to the max. Teens and adults, students and professionals–they’re all eye candies.

You can pick or decide against a style by looking at their leather boots, platform heels or oxford go with tight-fit pants or ultra-mini denim shorts, or ruffled vintage dresses or pop art designed shirts.

An ad in one train station says, the Singaporean’s favorite sport is shopping. True, true. Go to Orchard one weekend and be mesmerized by the volume of people (locals and foreigners) buying everything from the latest Nikon lens to the trendiest Charles and Keith shoes.

But Singapore is not all about ridiculously priced high-end fashion stores. Once a month or week, there are flea markets in the burrows of the city. Last Saturday, this is where I took my sister who’s been working here for a year and who hasn’t explored the country as much as I do.


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Kei Tan
Kei Tan
12 years ago

ang ganda ng mga dress! pa-arbor naman! 😀

12 years ago
Reply to  Kei Tan

you come here and we flea!

12 years ago

Hi! San po sa Singapore kayo nakapag flea market? 🙂

12 years ago
Reply to  Karla

hi karla. this is once a month in Scape flea market at Somerset.
maybe this will help:

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