Simple make-up tutorial

Good morning. If you have different shades of lipstick – preferably approved by the DOH-FDA – then you can play with those to use on your lips and cheeks and even eye lids. You can even try a layering of lipsticks. Results can be surprising. For base, BB cream works wonders, but not if you have oily skin that secretes sebum at dangerous levels, so baby powder can be used instead. Eye make-up should start with primer, but if you don’t have one, well, what are you going to do; just put on the make-up. If you’ve been doing eye make-ups for a long time, and you’re not a professional MUA, you must have a cotton ball dipped in water, to erase everything after the trial and error with pale eye shadow, kohl, liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow filler, which by the way could be your darkest shade of eye shadow. The best time to put on make-up is after taking a bath, and that’s not a scientifically proven fact – it just happens that make-up looks better after some time, when it has ‘baked’ or melted on one’s face. The second best time is before bath or shower, when you have the chance to remove any sign of what you’ve been up to.



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