the day I realized I'm a gerl

smoky eyes, vintage dress. I am my paperdoll.

Every weekend, I reward myself for a week of editing that hurts my eyes and head. Most of the time, I buy a book. This is my mighty driving force whenever my eyes are about to give up. I’m buying a book, I’m buying a book after this, I encourage myself.

Last weekend, before I left Singapore, my self-reward is less geeky, more girly: make up!

My sister brought me to a nearby MAC store, where she signed me up for a free make up tutorial (as per my request, and she probably thought I really need it), which one can get for a minimum purchase of SGD150 (Php5000) worth of make up. I wanted to buy everything they have–brushes, preps, mist spray, make up remover, mascara, eye liner, palette, blush, loose powder, concealer-corrector, and some shiny shimmery powder that gives you a celebrity look, but I don’t want to splurge before Christmas (the list of people I’m giving gifts to is long!) and I’m not going to waste all my money on make up, so I picked a goooorgeous set of lipstick-lip liner-lip gloss, an eye make up primer, and foundation all worth SGD165 (Php5500).

I will blog more about this, next week. It’s thanksgiving in the U.S. now, which means less work for me, so I’m having grand time playing with my make up resting.

On my next post about make up, I’d probably write about my “beauty philosophy” or, my excuse to buying these superficial whatevers.

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alex jordan
alex jordan
12 years ago

Help, Ms. Ai! There’s something wrong with my eyes. I just can’t take them off your lovely pic. haha, bumabanat… 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving day to all Americans! 🙂

12 years ago
Reply to  alex jordan

Bwahaha. nice one.
Yeah. Happy thanksgiving to them!

12 years ago

Ai – finally baklush ka na rin 🙂 pero we feel good when we look good 🙂 so go ahead… be a kikay once in a while!

12 years ago
Reply to  Juni

hahaha oongae. yeah, correct ka dyan, it feels good. 😀 miss you gerlfriend!

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