Our fingers, our toes – they register our hardships or lack of such. “Nail experts” can read how and how often we use them. A professor of literature once observed that social classes can be read in one’s toes. Ginger toes for the working class, silky white for the well-scrubbed.

Few months ago, I was having a foot spa and pedicure, the lady doing my nails said she wants to do my fingernails too. I said no, thank you, my fingers are sensitive, I bleed easily, she said she’ll be gentle (and she looked like a relative anyway so I gave in).

The lady must’ve cleaned and painted a thousand nails already for she knows how I (don’t) take care of my cuticles. She knows I always trim my thumbnails, but never the rest of them. She knows I’m lazy in using the nailcutter.

Some people are experts in astrophysics or theology; some people specialize in nails.



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