Grooming oneself for the new year

New year, new job, new home, new cut.

IMG_8626Getting haircut is something I never did for three years until 2013 when I felt I need a big change in myself to signify the latest turns in my career. Cutting my almost waist-length messy, curly hair was a big decision any girl would encounter, but since I’m bidding goodbye to my relaxed lifestyle of beach bumming and escapades, I thought a nice crisp short cut would go along with my change of environment: the office.

Shampooing, conditioning, drying, and styling my long tresses have become time-consuming activities, too, and this won’t be practical if I need to rush to the office. Hairstyles should match lifestyles.

at home with my new rented unit near work (Pasay City)

Curious feeling when you haven’t had a haircut for a long time is you feel like a different person, which should be great if you want to start anew.

The parlor experience is tiring because I have to sit for more than an hour because blowdrying my thick hair after hairspa has always been a problem to parloristas–hair experts–who would know what I’ve been doing (or not doing) with my hair even if I don’t tell them how many times I’ve colored my hair at home or that I haven’t gone back for hair treatment in a year because I’m too lazy.

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9 years ago

i love you, ms ai. labis na kaibig-ibig e. 🙂

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