will travel, will go malling, will check in, will live

As of this writing, 473 cases of a(h1n1) have been tallied, one just died, and classes are being suspended in the Philippines, but the Department of Health sees no reason to panic.

Travel companies do.

The pandemic scares the travelers out of us. And it is a rational fear. Not only is the virus looming out there, but people who do not have any sense of public health, those who cough and– heaven-forgive-them — sneeze in public are everywhere: jeep in Laguna, van in Cubao, bus in Commonwealth, LRT in Sta. Cruz, MRT in EDSA. Gad they just can’t cover their dirty mouths. You have to do that for them!

I should be most alarmed because mine is a body that seems to have no defense system, a body that is so hospitable it welcomes anything that enters it. Common cold, housed in my body, can be asthma overnight.

But I remain undaunted. Life has to go on because to be confined in one place is to die.

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tito da
tito da
14 years ago

scary kc i will be flying home nth time, and the people will be very unwelcoming sa mg airports… hay.. yap, life has to go on, else di ako makapagbakasyon ano? hehe!

14 years ago

yes! korek! 😀 haha tito da ha, dumadaan ka pala rito sa aiscracker.

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