whatta nikko dday

So ends last night the widely advertised PLDT Watchpad Crew search held at MCafe Ayala Museum in Makati.
After getting toasted under Caramoan sun, stranded between Naga and Quezon one midnight, bloated in a 3-day Bicolandia fiesta, or, practically being out of circulation for a week of beach and pool hopping, I just couldn’t stop having fun. While in Bicol, I received an e-mail from Joem Segovia of Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, inviting me to judge in the nationwide search of stars who would promote PLDT’s new service, among others.

I hesitated because ONE, I am not a party goer; TWO, one of the candidates –Nikko Ramos–is not entirely a stranger to me (wink); and THREE, I am not a party goer. But since I am getting crazier by the minute, I gave Joem a last minute notice that I’d just come anyway to see the show… with my white hooker dress and killer red shoes.
So I went to Glorietta for the event, and while waiting for zee boyfriend, funny Biboy Torero then Andee Celebritee (my most talented yet tardy students) found me while they seem to be in the middle of their lakwatcha. They both changed! in a good way. And I was happy.
Anyway, in time, I reached the party-place-turned-madhouse (let me post the faces of the contestants as you read along).
All the press people were squeezed in the tiny MCafe (Ayala Museum) and everyone seemed to have a difficult time navigating through a river of people, as the interviewing/judging of the candidates simultaneously took place in different tables. But I think JOem and his gang handled it pretty well. I mean, if I were in his position I would’ve screamed in the middle of the room and ordered everyone out. But Joem is Queen Mother Order. That’s his royal job and, like I said, he carried on well, still looking pristine in his summer-y white long sleeves.
By coincidence I was wearing a white body-hugging sleeveless cocktail dress quite like those worn by actress Isabel Oli, host Rhian Ramos, etc. (speaking of these ladies, I was surprised at how small their faces could get! seriously). Nikko was wearing a gwapong beige (or was it gray?) leather jacket.
By the time the interviews were over, I got tired talking with zee boyfriend while standing so we found a cozy corner outside by the bar for easy access to cocktail drinks hik! As the program started, a UPLB friend came by to drink with us and watch the show across the glass walls. We had the perfect-est seats!
Throughout the program I was watching Nikko gather all his charms and own the attention of everyone around him. He’s a professional, ladies and gentlemen. And true enough, he won three out of five special awards, and got into the Top 5 PLDT Watchpad Crew.
And boy it took me several minutes to kinda line up before GMA 7’s Lar something and another interviewer just so I could hug and kiss the hottest guy in the room that time.
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