Because I want more cupcakes

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d notice I’ve been writing eulogies for friends and former students. I remember my boyfriend telling me one time that he doesn’t know how to feel about eulogies–people should be saying nice things to one another when they’re alive, not when they’re dead. I wanted to argue, but I think I was busy eating blueberry cheesecake that time, he has a point.

So today, let’s celebrate a birthday for a change. The birthday girl: Ilitz.

ilitz @pulau ubin, singapore

She’s the cousin of my sister’s roommate in college. To make it simple, I used to stay in their flat in Edgefield Plains before my sister and I moved out (to the next building).

island hopping@ thailand

Engr. Ilitz is one of the 106,600 professional Filipinos in Singapore. She works hard, plays harder.

ilitz @ phuket, thailand

Three things I like about her:

1. her appetite for travel

sachi and sachi @ KL, Malaysia

2. her sweetness to the love of her life, Red (aka Sachi, actually that’s their term of endearment) and to everybody else

sachi and sachi @ batam, indonesia

3. her cupcakes and muffins and all baked goodness deelight! yumyumyum.

I only know of a few people who are sincerely kind, and Tita Ilitz is one of them (I’m writing this so I can have a plate of her cupcakes when I return to Singapore).


[pix from Tita Ilitz’s fb]
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12 years ago

hahahaha! Lol @ the blueberry cheesecakes!… yes you were, sa Starbucks Ayala yun waiting for the Lakwatcha peeps.

12 years ago
Reply to  redmike


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