last love letters from the University

Because I heard that today’s the first week of classes in UPLB, I looked at my files and kept in touch with the past, if only for a minute’s worth of quiet happiness.

Caution: there’s a lot of me in here. So much that it sounds like a testimonial, but please allow me, and my nostalgia.

Here I share some things that my students (last batch, last semester) would remember as much as I will:

After a semester, I realized that I already appreciated Eng 2. The semester happened so fast; I didn’t even realize the pressure and stress when it comes to Eng 2. Maybe because the subject didn’t become boring and there was something new to looking forward to. When my teacher told us that she wanted to teach the subject because she loves us, I know that she’s really interested in everything that we write and say. And because of that, I put effort in all of the papers I did, because somehow, it was a way of showing that I can also be a writer in my own words.

-Justine Malabuyoc

I cannot promise that I will never forget all the things that ma’am taugh us, but I swear I will remember and treasure some of the things she said to us which important in life. I will also take her pieces of advice whenever and wherever I will go. I will never forget the teachings of our instructor, those teachings with morals and those that made us laugh and made us feel sad.

Most of all, what I will definitely never forget was our instructor, her name is Aileen Macalintal. She was the person who taught us and made us experience these  things the one who shared some of her time with us, shared some of her good and bad time with us.

I hope we will ever forget those times we were together. I wish we would see each other around someday. Ma’am, I will never forget the Ten Commandments in Research Writing, most especially about plagiarism.

-Lordwin Laggui

THE FIRST THING that I noticed is our teacher’s impeccable sense of fashion. A unique and perfect get-up reflects her femininity everyday. I like her confidence to wear whatever she wants and express her inimitable side. It seems she prefers skirts rather than jeans and that’s what I like in her get-up. I do like skirts but I only get the chance to wear some of it in Anime Conventions because that is the only place I have the guts to wear such miniskirts with laces. Speaking of anime, it seems that Ms. Ai is also interested in Anime and COsplay stuff and that made me like her even more. In one of her discussions, she mentioned Kenshin Himura , a handsome and cool anime character who mastered the Hiten Mitsurugi technique using his double edged sword. She used Kenshin as an example of “apprenticeship” in one of her discussions and she declared that he was her husband. wekkm in, Kenshin is one of my “husbands”

… to be continued

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13 years ago

Suspense! Haha. Miss you Ma’am Ai! 🙂

13 years ago

Before, I am fearful of eng2. Thats why i took it on a summer class set-up. But then my teacher made me love it and I aced a high grade on that one. By the way, her name is Ai..:) true..:)

13 years ago

When I found out that you, Loisy and Kei were teachers I was like.

There is hope for the kids who would come after me. We were taught by awesome Elbi teachers. I had hoped that in the future you guys would still be in the University in time for my sister to study there. Oh well, pipe dreams.

13 years ago

alas, i have exited, and kei too, gradually. 🙂 but i still believe there is hope.

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