homelessness: a long word that never ends

After living in elbi since 2001, I partly said goodbye in 2008 when my housemates and I gave up our apartment, which I seriously, seriously treated as my home.

So where does a homeless stay?


When my sister got preggy, she needed me at the best of times so I “lived” with her when she was in Pasig, and when she moved to Laloma–one of the places in QC notorious for its crime and known for its lechon industry–I tagged along. When she again moved to Novaliches, another QC place infamous for road accidents and crimes, I went, too, only for a while.


Uh, no, I didn’t live in Manila, but since Laloma was one jeep ride away from Manila City Hall and Divisoria and Quiapo and Blumentritt and Dangwa and San Lazaro and Taft and UST and DLSU and Buendia and Roxas Avenue, I went re-discovering Manila in 2008. Heck, I even experienced staying overnight in Luneta, where there’s a strict rule bawal humiga or matulog (another fun story) and killing time in the Chinese General Hospital without having any business there.

I have a bagful of stories, dark and sober, from Manila, but I’ll have to write about them after a safe distance of time.


Oh boy. I got to be some kind of a master mall-er. that is, a master of everything in the mall. Maybe I should also write a book, Cultural Learnings of a UP teacher who Spends A Hell Lot of Time In Malls. One time I asked my travel buddy to list all SM malls in the Philippines he has visited to check if I have more, I won! We tied in Ayala Malls though.


And here is where I sleep, most of the time, when I’m not in QC. Laguna is clearly becoming a bedroom province.


And here is where I work, most of the time, when I’m not going round and round and round. Elbi has this curse: whoever steps on it shall return. Eternally. But I might just break the curse, Maria Makiling. Or maybe not.

But when I’m here for a sleep over, I have three choices: Kei’s loner apartment (with free coffee and movies), Gizer’s wi-fi place (with free bed and breakfast), and Janet’s house (with free food food food and lots of lick from her dog).


Right now? I’m still homeless. But  I come to Commonwealth many times every week, to wander in UP Diliman or Trinoma or Fairview or somewhere else.

Somewhere else.

You. Where do you live? Can I come over?

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11 years ago

haha, theworldcares.com cares about me. haha

11 years ago

paampon na tayo… 🙂

11 years ago

where do I live? uhmm…pastoral house…well, of course you can come…just make sure you won’t wear ultra short shorts…ultra bawal po kasi…hehehe
get married na po and you won’t be homeless (daw)…haha

11 years ago

you know where my house is. you may come over anytime=) todd will be very happy to lick your lovely feet=) i’ll terribly miss you. and your crazy cartoons=)

cj brosas
11 years ago

aileen! i miss ya! pag natuloy ako mag study sa diliman this sem, gusto mo hanap tayo ng house?

11 years ago

@janette thanks a million times

@cj is that serious> i think i like that idea!

11 years ago

yup! actually, nag apply na ko kanina… pero mag-aano pa tsaka mag-aano… so sa apr 30 pa matatapos ang prusisyon. i will let you know by then. hayy excitedness na ko!!!

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