I took to social media the war against the Philippines’ biggest corruption scam, and almost forgot this blog as an equally powerful platform.

Here’s one status I shared:

You know, one of the things that irk me in this issue is how some people can easily register dummy corporations and foundations. Three years ago, when my friends and I set up a corporation (which is really just a requirement to distribute the magazine we ambitiously published), we took turns falling in line, getting stamps and signatures and notarized documents, corporate bank accounts, approvals, and other bureaucratic obstacles to entrepreneurs. Our funds were getting drier the longer the process took. And how can I forget: I celebrated one birthday – the entire day – at the godforsaken, gloomy SEC building in Ortigas waiting for our papers to be signed.

Let’s see how the social media, independent press, and blogging community play this game of catching the predators who got away with ‘it’ at the expense of decency and sense of morality

More on this later…

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