happy days are here

with my tiny nephew.

It’s difficult to think of sad things when this toddler is around. Running, jumping, rolling around. I hope days like these, when I do nothing but look after him (cook for him, give him a bath, prepare him milk, play with him), won’t end.


He loves to sing bahay kubo and he sometimes call me “ate?ate…” because he hears his mommy call me ‘ate’. Oh, he also calls his mommy, miton, miton. (My sister’s nickname is Micon).

He likes to watch that darn purple dinosaur and he loves the playground on the roof garden and outside the flats.


We sing and dance whenever we get bored. But when he’s asleep, I watch movies. Now, movies, that has to be another blogpost.

If there’s something to be envious about in Manila right now, it’s that the film festivals are on again. And I’m stuck in Singapore with a brat. Then I remember, what’s the Internet for?

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13 years ago

ancute naman… Miss you both!

13 years ago

we miss you too, monster mike!

13 years ago

First off, that’s so true, about the film festivals powering up here in Manila this time of year. For me, it means plenty of movies to see, so little time. Anyway, my reactions after reading: —Your hair is so long! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that long before. 😀 —Kids really are a huge source of positive energy. So pure, and burden-free (I guess that depends on the kid, per se, but kids in general are fun to be with, no doubt). And your nephew is so cute! Especially with him calling you ‘ate’ and his mom ‘miton’.… Read more »

13 years ago

hey kiddo! i was in the philippines for a month and i was trying to think of ways of how to contact you! (like, do i leave him a message on my blog?) then i realized it late, i couldve dropped a message in your lovely blog! haha so i took your keychain pasalubong back to sg haha. can you uh, pm me your no. just in case? 🙂 thank you for the post! cos of that, ill start thinking of my next post about movies. and, yes, my hair is getting longer, it’s starting to have a life of… Read more »

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