United Colors of Singapore, kids (SG post 4)

 Singapore is home to Chinese, Malays, Indians, and foreigners–so many foreigners such as Australians, Filipinos, British, Indonesians, Bangladeshis, and others, that the locals want their influx stopped (immigration and work, not tourism).

Such mixed and diversified population can be seen usually in tourist spots (Sentosa, Orchard, Esplanade) and business districts (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Harborfront). The cutest place to see this mix is the playground. Before we flew out of Singapore, we went to the far end of the Circle Line of the MRT and visited one of the hundred parks and nature reserves of Singapore, the Labrador Park, which used to be an armed front to Japanese invaders once upon a time. It was late in the afternoon when we reached the hilly Park by the sea, so we didn’t have much time to hike and trek. Instead, Mike and I let my nephew Marcus play at the white-sand playground, together with representatives of the united nations, junior edition. Here I post some photos of these little cuddly people and a snap or two of the Park.


  -Laguna, Philippines (coffee break)

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