It’s midnight and I’m writing this from a youth hostel in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, I could say that my work for the magazine is over (it’s running in the press already!) after this week’s sleepless nights of proof editing. The excruciating part of this editing job is having to read the same articles 10 times. Literally. Until the words lose meaning, and my eyes sear.

For all the nights of sleeping past midnight just to approximate perfection in the magazine our staff is working on, I reward myself with a trip to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang, after my work and meeting with the boss (who introduced his friend, an Aussi publisher, at Clarke Quay) in Singapore. With this SG-BKK-KL trip, I shall unwind a bit, and get to know more our neighboring Southeast Asian countries–this would be fulfilling since I write and edit stories about them, too.

This week, Thailand is celebrating its New Year–the Songkran festival, water splashing celebration, which could get crazy.

I’d like to believe I had a fruitful start to this Thai New Year since the magazine was delivered to the printing press against so many odds.

As for the bad spirits, I shall send them away to the darkest pit of nothingness and void that no imagination could reach.

Good karma to those with compassionate heart; bad karma to those who know nothing but greed and power tripping (yes, SM and North Korea, we’re looking at you).

Anyway, from this post onwards, just to show that I’m still alive–since I’ll be alone here in Thailand next week)–I shall be sharing my thoughts on one of the most liberal places in Southeast Asia–Bangkok.

Happy New Year to our Thai friends!

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12 years ago

nice pic! hows your trip?

11 years ago
Reply to  redmike

my comment here got deleted, but my two weeks in thailand were one of the best moments in my life, man.

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