If you are inconvenienced, scream

When a guy grabbed my behind while I was inserting a train ticket into the machine station in Milano one night after the 2017 New Year’s Eve, I screamed like one does when watching horror films. It was a weekday and there weren’t many people in the station. I was wearing shorts underneath a mini skirt but I felt his fingers reach all the way to the front. He sprinted through the thin crowd, probably afraid to be lynched.

If I were in the mood, I would’ve ran after him and asked him some questions. If he ran fast, maybe I’d run faster and get a notebook and pen while running and interview him while taking down notes for a story.

Seven questions:

  1. Do you often do that?
  2. Why?
  3. Who else do you touch?
  4. Is it difficult to get laid in Milan?
  5. Do you know that you can touch a woman’s body if you earn her respect and deserve her approval?
  6. Don’t you know that there are better ways of approaching women for romance, but not all women are interested in romance or unchecked libidinal urges?
  7. Have you no respect for women?

It should not even be argued that it’s the miniskirt that caused the incident or that a woman should cover herself if she doesn’t want sexual attention. Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Adichie correctly said that dressing is a matter of taste, not morality. A woman’s body belongs to her, and she decides how to use it.

Out of the kindness of my heart, if I see that guy, maybe I’d offer him pizza. And slam it on his face. But that would be a waste of good food.


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