If you’re planning to go on a budget trip to Bangkok, my friends and I would highly recommend staying at Lub D Siam.

It’s cheap, clean, and chic.  The building’s design, in and out, could only come from persons who have taste in art. And on top of all these, it’s right in the heart of Bangkok; with easy access (about ten steps) to the Skytrain, which will get you straight to the hip and luxury shopping malls (one station away, if you don’t like the 5-minute walk), to Saphan Taksin where you can take a cruise of the Chao Phraya river, to Chatuchak weekend bargain market, to the steamy red light districts (Patpong and Soi Cowboy), to the hotels and restaurants of Sukhumvit, to the bus terminal that will lead you to the beach islands nearby, and so much more.

Lub in Thai means good sleep. I’m not sure how the hostel does it, but my sleep is indeed always so deep, except when my friend was snoring in volumes that could put a rock band to shame (thank god he has left–kidding, O.!). Perhaps it’s because of the fresh linens and blanket in the airconditioned and warmly lit rooms? Or the ambience of the place?

Or perhaps it’s just because I have a thing for hotels (or anything hotel-like) because our house is so third world, man.

Security may not be an issue (but it pays to be very careful). The ladies dorm, where I transferred after my friends left, has its own area and locked door. Before I could get into our room, I have to swipe the card thrice: 1. entrance to the residents’ area; 2. entrance to the ladies’ rooms on the ground floor; 3. our room.

The washing area is at the ground floor, right below the stairs, which lead to the mixed dorms, econo rooms, and theater room.

Back to the lobby, they offer breakfast, snacks, and drinks.

…computers and Internet access to those traveling without gadgets

…and a shelf of love for bibliophiles (I just borrowed a Lonely Planet. I’m lonely, remember?).

Outside the cool lobby is the warm (hot as hell in April) tables on the wooden platform facing the street and the Skytrain station of National Stadium.

Last but not the least, the common restrooms are spacious and clean, and again–stylish. I like the stylish part of everything because the hostel doesn’t have to rub in your face that you are travelling on a budget. That, I think, is a great respect to people who roam far and wide, in hopes of expanding their comfort zones and  global home.

Check out their adorable website here: www.lubd.com

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CJ Brosas
12 years ago

huaaaa I missed bangkok! I <3 lub d siam! =D

12 years ago
Reply to  CJ Brosas

by next week, that’s gonna be my thoughts exactly.

R. Oliver Morfe
R. Oliver Morfe
12 years ago

you forgot to mention its incredible proximity to the Jim Thompson House. 😀

12 years ago

oh right, right!

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