Longest Day On The Beach

That’s how our 4-day stay in Boracay Island, Aklan started: with a very long lazy day of beach bumming while waiting for our relatives to arrive nine hours after us.

Nine hours. And we thought the day would never end. With eating lunch and merienda in between, my brother and I walked the long stretch of sand and waded the beach after leaving our bags in the hotel.

Our relatives left Manila after lunch (while our flight was 8am, which we moved to 7am because we were early at the airport and the Check In lady told us we can fly earlier if we want). Then they flew to Kalibo, Aklan (unlike us who went directly to Caticlan, a ferry boat away from Boracay), where they had to ride a van for about an hour to Caticlan.

Tired of walking, we sat down to marvel at the sands in different stations of Boracay. Some are fine, others are finer. Hmm. Just like people.

 We also explored the alleys.

inconspicuous alley that leads to best bargains of D’ Talipapa

walk to La Carmela de Boracay hotel from the main road of the island, Brgy. Balabag

Boracay Regency grand staircase along the beachfront

After all these, we checked the time and it was just early in the afternoon. Exhausted to the bone marrows, we slept under the sun, well, under the shades of coconut trees at first, then we woke up to the burning heat and UV rays penetrating our skin.

As a result, see the before and after of my skin:

at the NAIA Terminal  waiting for boarding

at the hotel, rehydrating after 3 more days of bumming under the sun. woo!

And Tommy boy was as black as this:

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12 years ago

the weather looked really warm and nice and beachy. i hope there weren’t many distractions there. anyway, you already!

12 years ago

hahaha look who’s talking!
it WAS warm and nice and beachy, yeah.

12 years ago

Still haven’t gotten around to getting over my fear of riding a plane so Boracay and the world would be Ninya-free for a while longer. But maybe if I get enough andalushia to travel I would bit on something and bear it.

12 years ago

oh but ninya, the good news is, there’s another way of getting to boracay (or any other places in the philippines) plane-free. that is, by ship. well, if only you’re up to long hours of “cruising” baby.

caticlan route is from manila you ride a ship to Kalibo, Aklan via RORO, which will pass by the Mindoros, then upon arrival at Kalibo you ride a van to Caticlan for about an hour, then you take a ferry to Boracay.

And I will pray to the goddess makiling that she give you some gold. hihi

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