I just wanna be in the beach!

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte (Feb 2009)

Sand, sun, and sea are what Ilocanos are proud of. Ilocos’ fine sand that stretches from norte to sur carries with it pieces of what holds the South China Sea. Its grains can be used for self-foot scrub, but its fineness can cover one’s body without scratching the skin. The sun is simply perfect for tanning (see, many Ilocanos are bronze skinned). A dip in the sea is enough, though, to hide from the heat of the midday sun–so cool, so refreshing.

Sugar beach, Bantayan island, Cebu
Sugar beach, Bantayan island, Cebu (Summer 2007)

What Pagudpud beach in Ilocos Norte has that others don’t is the feel of a rich cultural heritage surrounding the place. Bantayan island’s beaches, for instance, were sure packaged for the foreigners: the restaurants, the night bars, the signages, the rates–they all cater to international guests; whereas, Pagudpud simply asks you to come and enjoy this country.

Boracay beach
Boracay beach (Summer 2006)

Bora is worse. It doesn’t conceal its pretentions, but I have to give it up to its famous fine white sand and ice cold waters. IF only tourists–foreign and local–would stop polluting the island resort with its wild parties, prostitution, commercialization, and undermining of indigenous cultures.

Black beach, Roxas City
Black beach, Roxas City (Summer 2006)

Bora’s beaches can also upstage nearby beaches like that in Roxas City, which is equally spectacular.

Bohol beach
Bohol beach (Summer 2007)

Speaking of spectacle, some beaches in the Philippines sell because of the amenities, water sports, resorts, and landscaping that they capitalize on. Still, the best beaches for me are those that present themselves just as they are.

Virgin island, Cebu
Virgin island, Cebu (summer 2007)
sun's touch down at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
blue and green. Pagudpud
Pagudpud is photographers' paradise

Pagudpud is photographers’ paradise.

PAGUDPUD beach and other pictures by ai (except for the bora, bohol, and virgin island pix, which are by kei tan).

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15 years ago

hi ma’am..
natutuwa po ako sa mga napupunthan nyo..
ang galing..
gusto ko din ng ganun..
kaso wala akong pera.

anggaling nyo tlga..

15 years ago

Time will come when you can roam the world. 😀

15 years ago

ma’am believe it or not, 18 years old na ko pero never pa ko nakakapagbeach. grabe. ang sad.

15 years ago

Pia, that’s a bit disorienting for me who’s been “beaching” haha I mean, beach-hopping since three. But I know somebody older than you who hasnt experienced the three S, too, so you’re normal? 😀

Summer’s coming around. This is your chance. 🙂

14 years ago

waah!! beach!! love the sunset!! i hope i can also go to places i want to visit.. someday.. 😀

14 years ago

not sooomeday! soooon

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