How To Get To Boracay (with 150pesos)

The Laws Of The Universe


that I be in Boracay

this month.

Thanks to my Law student friend Giselle H. who sold me UP College of Law raffle tickets, I won two round trip tix to any domestic destination the week I arrived in the Philippines.

Then by some strike of luck, my uncle, a graduate of Law, invited me to join them in their 4-day Boracay vacation in celebration of his birthday.

broke in boracay? no problem.

I declined at first because staying there is just way above my budget. Her wife, a prosecutor at the Manila City Hall, insisted that I come even if I’m broke because they’ll shoulder food and accommodations, she texted.

And so, three days before the actual trip, I confirmed that I’ll be going with my young brother Tommy, who needed a break from work. He shouldered our transportation from Laguna to NAIA and Caticlan to Boracay.

Here are the things Tommy paid for (our flight was several hours ahead of my tito’s):

NAIA Terminal 3 fee (domestic): P200 each

Caticlan Environment and entry fee: P75 each

Tricycle from Caticlan airport to Caticlan Jetty Port (up to 5pax): P50

Jetty port terminal fee: P50 each

Ferry boat from Jetty Port to Boracay port: P25 each

Tricycle from port to hotel: P20 each

TOTAL: Php370 (without tricycle from Caticlan airport to Jetty port. I suggest you take the 5-min walk instead of taking the 50-peso tryke if you’re going solo. But if you’re a group, it should be fine.)

Had we paid for the airfare and hotel and food, here’s the break down of expenses:

Manila to Caticlan and back, 2 pax: P10353 + P740 Caticlan to Boracay, v.v.

La Carmela de Boracay 2-bed standard room: P1700/night x 3= P5100

Food, etc.: approx. P500-1000/day (for 2 persons)= P2000-4000

TOTAL: Php18,193 – 20,100 for 2 persons

my next posts will be the boracay trip itself and my preparation for this

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12 years ago

mahal nmn! libre mo ko!

12 years ago

hehehe why not?

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