Fresh Look and Some Nostalgia to Taste

new look

AS a personal rule and respect to good writing, I don’t like starting my sentences, especially my posts or articles with “I”, nor do I use all caps in stating something in intense emotion, nor do I use exclamation marks more than one because one is enough, two is too much, three is highschool-ish, but all I ever wanted to say in my first sentence is I LOVE MY NEW BLOG THEME!!!

Like what friend Jay said, it’s more Web 2.0 looking maybe because of the sliding panels and neatness. Fantastic, I say, when I first saw it after waiting for three days of the major appearance renovation.

There couldn’t be a more personal theme than this because the drawings look like my sketches and doodles.

friendster to multiply to facebook (I is dizzy)

Browsing the pages and categories, I found out a new button in the WordPress dashboard, the “Add feature photo,” that is, I need to choose the photo thumbnail that will go with the featured article on the homepage and in the Travel Gallery page, else I get a black square. This gives me quite a work to do because I have to go over a hundred photos in the archives. But since I don’t have all the time in the world to scan them all, I uploaded some pix.

In search of photos that fit, I visited my Multiply account which, to my surprise, is still there. Oh wait, it was Friendster that re-launched lately (and I never bothered to collect the pictures stored there because I feel they belong to a different person of a different time). Looking at my Multiply photos, I sure had gawdy photos I wouldn’t ever post in today’s hottest social network. Google +? Uh, not yet. Let’s give it some time and everyone’s migrating again, transferring photos, re-creating the Self.

a self retrieved and a self to become

There’s one lovely Me photo I retrieved, though. It’s inevitable that in having a new blog look, I revisit some things of the past.

This one was taken in Mt Tapyas when friends and I stayed in Coron, Palawan for two long weeks (the happiest days of our lives, yes) to do something with a lifetime effect: facilitate a youth program that will empower them, while touring every corner of Coron, with the locals themselves.

Just a few years ago, I was doing community work in remote areas of the Philippines. Forward to today, I’m here in Singapore, exploring streets and strange places. (Yesterday was Sentosa day with my 2-year old nephew, but that’s another post).

It will take long for me to change the appearance of this blog, but soon, I might just wander off again to something new in this short life.




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12 years ago

i like the new look of your blog. 🙂

12 years ago

thank you tommy! ME TOO!!! 😀

12 years ago

you really like always having something new (adventurer)in your (our) briefly life in this world huh?…i hope you won’t forget somethimg more important….if you would just believe the Sacred writings….everything is new where we are headed to….

well, anyways, i like your new theme….serious…saddening..haha…nostalgic…things of old..hehe….but visually and emotionally relaxing…hehe

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